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What our customers say about us behind our backs.

Ronald Zitka, Stadium Project Manager
The Home Depot

"From start to finish my whole experience with EVERY individual of your organization was FIRST RATE in providing EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. I truly understand that it starts at the top with the leaders; however, it is the commitment of the whole organization to really make it work."

Tristan Jones, Installation Artist
City of Chicago

"I really felt like Mobile Mini took a personal interest in my project and helped walk me through the whole production. Mobile Mini supplied me with shipping containers in excellent condition, with no holes or broken doors, they made repeated site visits with me prior to the event to survey the actual location and plan the load in/load out that would occur. Mobile Mini worked with me to ensure that everything was in budget and even helped me identify the things I hadn't planned on, like the need to rent a forklift. It would have been impossible to execute this project without the expert advice and attention I received. Mobile Mini also has a national reach which will be really wonderful if I ever get to take my projects to other cities. I would definitely work with them again."

Matt Byers, Volunteer Organizer
Deutsche Bank Championship

"Mobile Mini, has been more than helpful, and gone above and beyond the call of duty, catering to our last minute needs and responding immediately to our issues. I would, and have already, recommended Mobile Mini, to others in my industry. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their massive assistance. Without it, the tournament would never have been the roaring success it was."

Tim Godby, Manager
Godby Heating & Air

"Another contractor on our job site had a competitor's container that was broken into 4 times. I advised him to call Mobile Mini because of the Tri-Cam Locking System®, and raved that Mobile Mini has the most secure containers available. They swapped the competitor container for a Mobile Mini container and it has been secure every since."

Paul S., Project Manager
Construction Services

"On April 26, 2011 at our job site in Greensboro NC, where I have two 40'storage boxes rented from Mobile Mini, the first one I rented I did not purchase the Mobile Mini lock for that box, just used my own paddle lock. On the second box I rented it had two doors, one on each end so I purchased your locks for that box. The thefts cut my lock off and stole about $5000 dollars worth of material, but they could not cut off your locks and didn't steal anything from that box which is great because there was about $90,000 stored in that unit with your locks. So thank you for a great lock storage container."

Scott Musich, Purchasing / Materials Specialist
Solar Nation, Inc.

"After spending the morning with the police filing a report for our storage container, which just got broke into. The police suggested Mobile Mini as a replacement. He said that they are the most secure of all the storage containers, and the lock system is a real good deterrent."

Jim Wetzel, Superintendent
Schimenti Construction Company

"I just wanted to finally take the time out to THANK YOU for your weekly check in's and at the beginning of the project daily check in's with me to see if there was anything that Mobile Mini could do for me. You have gone above and beyond your job by scheduling containers for me, and even getting me containers when I have given you only a 12-hour heads up. Thanks again for a great job."

Jerry Schaefer, VP of Construction
Forge Lumber

"On December 1st, 2010 an attempt was made to "break-in" to one of the Mobile Mini containers we rented to store equipment and material. Fortunately, your container was impregnable! The thieves spent a great deal of time to cut through the thick steel hinges only to be deterred (frustrated!) by the throw lock system! Extreme effort and energy expanded only to be thwarted!! Way to go Mobile Mini!"

Ozzie Nunez, Project Manager
Pirtle Construction Company

"It has been a tremendous effort on behalf of all of us to bring these projects to a successful completion. It is with great emphasis that I extend my appreciation to your company most notably you field crews that so diligently worked in great coordination with our staff. As we all know, it is often in our industry that the General Contractor is notifying the Subcontractors of their lack of performance and work quality; this Modular Project been an exception due to your commitment and outstanding service."

John D. Starbuck, Jr. , ASID
Starbucks Designers Incorporated

"In my job, I often find sales people with whom I'd like to work who have a bad product, or those with a great product and bad or nonexistent customer service. Your company has both great customer service and great products!"

David Vanderpool, Principal
Littleton High School

"Our unit was delivered and placed last night. I just wanted to thanks for your support in getting this unit to us. You were very patient to answer all of our questions, address our needs and you obviously hand picked a "used" unit that was in very good condition. Coach Graf and I are very pleased with the unit and it will be a big upgrade from our old beat up wooden shed."

Amanda Palmer, Assistant Project Coordinator
Jerry Kachel Builder, Inc.

"Mobile Mini has provided Jerry Kachel Builder, Inc. with an exceptional level of quality, dependable, and able all friendly service. The level of professionalism with regard to knowing their customers needs makes my job much easier. Furthermore, Mobile Mini's patented locking mechanisms allow JKB to rest assured that our materials will be safe on each of our jobsites. We look forward to carrying on our relationship for many years to come. Thank you for all of your continued support."

Brad Trelstad, Director of Operations

"As a recently retired Chief of Police I can tell you that her level of professionalism is a rare commodity and Jo is a real tribute to your company. We will be doing more business with you in the future because of her."

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